Basic Facial 50 min $50.00

1: Traditional Facial

2: Gua Sha (Scraping)

    Personalized facial for your skin. The basic facial includes skin analysis, complete cleansing, exfoliation, moisture replenishment, and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.


Signature Facial 70 min $68.00

1: Ultrasonic Facial (Eyes & Neck Include )

    A high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling and improving skin care product penetration.


2: OxygenCeuticals Facial

    The oxygen facial boosts collagen production in your skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, detoxifies the skin. The oxygen facial infuses the oxygen, the nutrients and vitamins into the skin. NO painful side effects and it will make your skin super radiant.

High Frequency treatment (Acne-oily skin)90 min $89.99

    This technique is used by professionals to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aquasure H2 Facial 90 min $89

    NEW Aquasure H2 infuses hydrogen water into the skin using exfoliating aqua tips to vacuum away blackheads and trapped oils, old makeup, dead skin cells from the pores, removes free radicals and boost antioxidant activity, which helps anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, provide smoother texture and offer a lifted glow. Galvanic helps to further push serums into the skin. Facial massage, mask and LED is included with this facial making it even more amazing! Aquasure H2 Facial- Great for a quick pick me up or maintenance in-between full service facials.
















Allure Gold Therapy 90 min $160

A luxurious therapeutical facial that's made of 99.9% gold. In skincare, gold is known for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and spots, promoting cell renewal, preventing pre-mature aging, brightening dull complexions, the anti-inflammatory and the anti-bacterial properties improves skin elasticity.



    Eyebrow         $  8.00                  

    Lip                 $  7.00              

    Chin               $10.00

    Underarm        $15.00

    Face               $28.00

    Hairline          $15.00

    Back               $35.00

    Half Arm         $18.00

    Full Arm          $28.00

    Half Bikini       $20.00

    Brazilian Bikini $55.00

    Full Leg           $38.00

    Half Leg           $28.00

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